Client Testimonials


River Hills Homeowners Association

Valrico, FL

Dear Mary Ann,

As my term as President of the River Hills Homeowners Association draws to a close, I would be remiss if I did not convey my appreciation to you and the entire Greenacre Management team for the support your have afforded our community. Since our professional relationship commenced in September, 2010, the support and services provided by GPI have been outstanding. Although the initial transition was not without some challenges, GPI met or exceeded my expectations in addressing those issues...

The Board's primary point of contact with GPI is through the on site Community Manager, Brenda Annett. In the course of her tenure, she has truly been an exceptional professional representative of your organization. Brenda has excelled in at least three primary areas. First, she has demonstrated a professional demeanor which has allowed her to build great working relationships with residents, committees, as well as all members of the Board.

Secondly, Brenda has begun the process of helping to restore the architectural standards of the community which had deteriorated over the past few years. She has achieved significant residence compliance by providing specific information concerning areas of non compliance and then working with the homeowner in a collaborative manner to resolve outstanding issues.

Finally, she has exhibited an attention to detail which has resulted in ensuring timely completion of all areas for which she is responsible. Upon Brenda's arrival we met to establish mutual expectations for performance. In the months that followed, we met on a regular basis. Without exception, she was always prepared with detailed information demonstrating her knowledge of the subject matter being discussed and consistently followed up where necessary. After meeting on three or four occasions it became apparent that she was a very capable professional who needed little or no supervision. As a result, I tried to stay out of her way and let her just do her job.

Brenda has more than demonstrated that my confidence in her has been well placed. She is clearly the most effective manager our community has had during the course of my tenure on the Board of Directors. I am sure that you recognize her abilities and potential but wanted to add my endorsement that she is a highly qualified professional who I am sure will continue to serve GPI well.

James S. Rogers
President, River Hills Homeowners Association


Heritage Harbor Homeowners Association

Lutz, FL

Dear Mary Ann,

This Time the Grass WAS Greener!

Sometime in the middle of 2008, your HOA Board of Directors (the Board) had reached a frustration point.

They were just assigned their third property manager in two years by their management company. In case you aren't aware, because the members of the Board are volunteers, they hire a management company to help guide the day-to-day operations of running the HOA and her amenities, manage the staff, pay the bills and oversee any legal issues. The repeated turnover in the property manager position indicated to them that there may have been an internal issue with the property management company itself. Whether or not that was the case, the vital communication and working relationship between the property manager and the Board kept having to be reestablished and prevented the necessary continuity to have a productive and efficient relationship. After much deliberation, the decision was made to seek a potential replacement for the management company to ensure the tasks of the HOA were being completed in a more efficient, timely manner...

After weeks of interviewing and evaluating candidates, the Board selected Greenacre Properties, Inc. (Greenacre), a Tampa-based property management company. Greenacre was selected because it offered more services and better tools to aid the Board in managing the business of the HOA. In addition to all the bells and whistles, the Heritage Harbor HOA was assigned to a property manager named Kathi Wise. Kathi brought with her 8 years of property management experience with other similar communities and provided the continuity and communication the Board so desperately needed. Kathi has been the property manager now for about a year and a half and the value that she and Greenacre have brought to the HOA has become very apparent.

Heritage Harbor Board of Directors


Carrollwood Village Homeowners Association

Tampa, FL

Re: Greenacre Properties, Inc.

The Carrollwood Village Homeowner's Association is comprised of three Phase(s) I, II and III whose individual Boards govern a portion of the more than 3,200 homes and condominiums. The three Phases have been a client of Greenacre Properties for over thirty years. Like all homeowner associations, we have been buffeted by change along the way. Greenacre Properties has been there with us as we transitioned from a start up community in the mid 70's to one that has reached full maturity. As Carrollwood Village continues to evolve, we rely heavily on the business acumen and professionalism of the staff at Greenacre Properties. Their attention to detail has been a valuable asset by assisting us with navigating the many complexities of law and regulations placed upon our governing Boards...

The three Boards of Directors have periodically reviewed and compared our service contracts with what is currently being offered in the marketplace. Greenacre Properties' offerings, customized services and expertise are a cut above their competition; they really do go above and beyond what is contractually required. Their management services have resulted in overall lower costs and liabilities for our membership and confirmed our belief that we truly do get the best value in property management services.

In the end, relationships, whether personal, professional or business, are the cornerstone of our society. Over the many decades of our existence, the Boards of Directors have come to trust Greenacre Properties for their integrity, experience and advice. This key component is a defining attribute of our business relationship with the people of Greenacre Properties. They have earned our trust by their actions and deeds. Collectively, the Carrollwood Village Homeowner's Associations offer our strongest recommendation of Greenacre Properties for any property management related services as well as any business accolades that may result from their dedication to their clients and community. We look forward to our continued and valued relationship.

Dick Woltmann
President, Carrollwood Village Homeowners Association - Phase I
Van Chandler
PPresident, Carrollwood Village Homeowners Association - Phase II
William West
President, Carrollwood Village Homeowners Association - Phase III


Providence Lakes Homeowners Association

Tampa, FL

To Whom It May Concern:

Twenty-five years ago the residents of Providence Lakes assumed control of the Master Community Association. It was also the beginning of our relationship with GPI as our property manager and that relationship has continued to this day...

Providence Lakes is a deed restricted community with an estimated population of 8,000 residing in 1,720 single family homes and 500 apartments. There is much to manage.

Providence Lakes had been my home for twenty-four years and I have been a board member for fifteen years. During my tenure I have worked on any number of issues and projects with the GPI staff and can certainly attest to their professionalism and expertise.

GPI is a well organized and smartly managed company. Their service has always been exemplary and their diligent support during the past few years of the housing/foreclosure disaster has truly helped us survive.

If you need a company that will manage your property in a professional and thoughtful manner GPI will serve you well.

Ted Thoman
Vice-President , Providence Lakes Homeowners Association


Westchase Community Association

Tampa, FL


I have been a Westchase owner since the year 2000 and almost immediately began to active participate in community affairs. Since that time I have had the privilege of working directly with Greenacre Properties, Inc. (GPI). My relationship with them has been as the elected Voting Member for West Park Village; President of the Villas of West Park Village Sub-association since 2002, and for the past four years as Treasurer of the Westchase Community Association (2007-2008) and then President of the WCA during the years 2009-2010...

During the years 2007 thru 2010,1 had the opportunity to work really close with GPI as Treasurer and then President of the WCA, community which has close to thirty-five hundred (3,500) Units distributed among twenty-nine (29) neighborhoods. I found out that GPI goes beyond just "managing" our WCA; they really care for our programs, our problems and our well-being. The Senior Association Managers we have had during the past twelve years have been tops and the WCA has been blessed to have a management company that not only responds to our needs immediately but also is ready to advice how to best serve our members.

As a former Secretary of Labor (1976-1980) and then Secretary of State (1981- 1984) of Puerto Rico, where I dealt frequently with small businesses, I can really say that I am proud to have been associated with Greenacre Properties, Inc. and to acknowledge and attest to the great job they have done for the Westchase community.

Carlos S. Quiros
Former President, Westchase Community Association
Former Secretary of State, Puerto Rico

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Client Testimonials

"I can really say that I am proud to have been associated with Greenacre Properties, Inc. and to acknowledge and attest to the great job they have done for the Westchase community..."
Westchase Former President

"Over the many decades of our existence, the Boards of Directors have come to trust Greenacre Properties for their integrity, experience and advice. This key component is a defining attribute of our business relationship with the people of Greenacre Properties..."
Carrollwood Village HOA

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